Welcome to Deb Strain's studio...

Welcome to Deb Strain's studio...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Inspirations and Timing

Hello dear friends!

Thank you so much for the wonderful welcome to the world of blogging.  Your kind
words  have got me really excited about this new (to me!) form of communicating with friends.
Thanks especially to the other Moda designers for your gracious encouragement! What a
sweet group of talented ladies you are!

Many of my fabric groups in the past have had Saltbox themes in them...Saltbox Harvest, for
example.  Thought you might like to see our "real-life" Saltbox.   Of course the picture above was taken in the fall.
Right now, our surroundings look a little different!  This view off our deck and into our woods,
is a little more true to life today.  Last week we saw 8 deer walking along the ridge that you see
here.  What a beautiful scene that was!
  My garden is waiting for the snow to melt, just like all of us.  I thought this picture captured
that feeling.  I can see this snow covered watering can on a Christmas card with a "Charlie Brown
Christmas Tree" growing out of it and a cardinal in the top.  Maybe a little rabbit sitting beside it?
   That is how my inspiration starts.  One image or picture and then building from that.
   Of course, it  really helps when I am designing a line in the correct season.  Sometimes, I work
on Christmas in July and play Christmas carols to get me in the mood.  Visitors think I am crazy
listening to "Jingle Bells" while the air-conditioner is blasting and the kids are playing in the water
from the hose!
   Fortunately, the fabric line that I am designing right now IS in the correct season.  Can you guess
what holiday it is for?  I'll give you a hint...it is due Feb. 14th and I hope you LOVE it next year
when it comes out!
Until next time, HUGS and KISSES (another hint!),


  1. Love your real salt box house, trees and snow! Top it off with deer and I'm so jealous. My neighborhood is too new for any large trees. I miss them!

    Can't wait to see what you are painting for next season!

  2. i love valentine's day and especially valentine's day fabric! :)

  3. It sounds like valentine fabric and I can hardly wait to see it! Love your home, thanks for the tour.

  4. Welcome to blogging! And it will be fun to see your Valentine's line!

  5. Hi Deb ~ I bought your things for years at the wholesale markets in Columbus ~ notepads, cards, cute folk art signs I could use in my business, etc. ~ I wondered why I haven't seen you in years and then I saw a link on somebody's blog just now! Welcome to blogland ~ it is a wonderful to stay in touch!

  6. Does this mean more Valentine's Day fabric?! Yeah! I'm currently working on a Valentine's Day quilt with Love is in the Air and Sent with Love. The colors and patterns are fun to work with, and I can't wait to see what's next.

  7. I've made wonderful quilts from some of your fabric lines - can hardly wait to see what you've created for us.

  8. I'm looking forward to following your blog journey! I already love your fabrics and have been a fan since meeting you back at wholesale gift markets in the 90's in WI and Chicago. I'm anxious to see your pillow!