Welcome to Deb Strain's studio...

Welcome to Deb Strain's studio...

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Amazing Creations Contest!

Hello Dear Friends!
Hope that you are all having a wonderful

Today, I am presenting a contest within a contest to you!

Please let me explain....

Several months ago, I was visiting one of my favorite
Quilt Shops,
"In Stitches" in Rushville, Indiana.
At the end of a presentation that I was giving,
I passed out a bag of scraps (generously provided
by our friends at Moda!) to everyone attending.

A challenge was presented to the
recipients to see what they could
create with the scraps within their bag.

The results were amazing!!!
I've posted the incredible projects below and would
love for you to share your amazement with
the talented ladies who have created them.
Leave a comment
by noon on Sunday, August 18th,
and I will randomly  choose 3 winners
to receive their  own box of colorful scraps!

We are also having these beautiful projects
judged by Debbi Duckworth from Moda to choose a winner.
She is a wonderfully talented and creative part of the
Moda team.
(I'm glad that I am not choosing!)

I'm sure you will be impressed with the
creative talents that were shared!

Here are the wonderful ladies (and dear friends)
from the "In Stitches" Quilt Shop
group and their projects:

Alice Woodhull's Small Quilt

Alice Woodhull's Tablerunner

Alice Woodhull's Totebag

Alice Woodhull's Potholders

Brenda Wilson's Table topper or small quilt #1

Brenda Wilson's Table topper or small quilt #2

Carolyn Messer's Pincushion

Carolyn Messer's Wall Hanging

Cathy Burkett's Purse

Deby Priddy's Table Topper/ Braided Rug

Deby Priddy's Totebag

Martha Schneyer's Wall Hanging

Rita Hellmich's Jacket

Aren't you amazed???!!!
WOW, what talented, creative ladies!
Let them know what you think
and you may win your own box of fun.
Please don't forget to leave
a way for me to reach you.

Thanks again Dear Friends
from Rushville, Indianna!



  1. Wow everyone did a great job!

  2. Oh what a talented bunch of ladies! I love the apple pie pit holders. So creative! It looks like they had fun, too, which is an added bonus. Thanks for sharing their creations with us!
    Sandy A

    1. Oopsie, that should be Pot holders, not pit holders! :)

  3. Ladies you are amazing with each of your fabulous finished "scrap bag" projects. I am very thankful I am not judging because I think each and every one is a winner! Your group must be a wonderful feast of inspiration. And Deb...how fun that you and Moda gave such a great challenge. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

  4. They're all beautiful! I couldn't pick a winner out of those either! Thanks for the chance to win some scraps! :0)

  5. What lovely projects! And what variety! It's so inspiring to see what one can do with another's scraps.

  6. Goodness! By the looks of those projects they must have had some dandy scrap bags! Bravo Ladies and Miss Debbie Duckworth from Moda, you have a challenge ahead of you picking a winner. Good Luck!

  7. Anyone is just beautiful.Congratulations to all the ladies.I love all their projects.Happy sewing!

  8. Wow.......what beautiful projects......

  9. So much talent & creativity here! Love them all! :)

  10. Wow those truly are amazing creations and from scraps! I especially love the pincushion - cute.

  11. Wow they were sew inspired by you and the fabric. I love them all ! Congrats on a wonderful job.

  12. Amazing creations! Love, love, love the creativity! Thanks for sharing...

  13. What an amazing group of women. These finished goodies are fabulous. I especially love Table topper #2 by Brenda and Carolyn's Pincushion, but honestly I think they are all so talented.

  14. So amazing all of them, I would have a hard time picking a favorite too. I am just so amazed that all of these were made with scraps, beautiful. grecomara at gmail dot com

  15. Oh my goodness! Those ladies did wonderful things with bags of scraps! Love all the bags! Brenda's string table topper is lovely!

  16. Fabulous creations! I especially like Alice's totebag!

  17. I am amazed at the projects they made from scraps! Such wonderful projects from a talented bunch of ladies!

  18. Wow! What overachievers. Ladies you do wonderful work!

  19. What fun, how lucky they are to have such fun scraps to play with!

  20. You're absolutely right - these ladies were amazingly creative with their scrap. A couple of projects I liked a lot are Deby's braided rug and Alice's potholders.

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