Welcome to Deb Strain's studio...

Welcome to Deb Strain's studio...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Day At The Fair

Hello Dear Friends!

Today, September 22nd, is my day for Moda's Country Fair blog hop!
Have you enjoyed all of the designers stories and projects this month?
I have!  It is the first thing that I look at each morning.

Country Fairs are so much fun...

From the sewing projects,

to the agricultural projects,

the fair brings back wonderful memories of sewing for Mrs. Prosser, in
the Busy Bees 4-H Club of Clark County, Ohio, when I was growing up.

And of course, there is the fair food!

Lissa Alexander, our creative leader in Marketing at Moda,
asked us, "What is your favorite fair food?"

Without a doubt, apple dumplin's and ice cream!
We look forward to it every year.

Since our family loves them so much, I thought that I would try to make apple dumplins' for
a family gathering.

The recipe I was given from veteran Apple Dumplin' cooks, follows:

Use your favorite pie dough recipe,
Roll out,
Cut into 5 inch squares,
slice a half apple and center it in square.
Top apple half with butter, cinnamon and brown sugar,
Wrap sides of pie dough around apple.
Put 6-8 of these into a glass 9x12 pan,
add 1/2 cup water, more butter, cinnamon and brown sugar,
Bake at 375 for 45 to 50 minutes.

Needless to say, they are delicious (and totally non-fattening of course!)

Other questions asked by Lissa:

What's your guilty pleasure?  cookies!  I love soft, warm cookies!

What inspires your work?  My family, nature, antiques, childhood memories,
color, trends, traveling and everything around me.

What's on your bucket list?
Well, in addition to wanting to travel everywhere in the world,which I haven't done yet.....
 ( Eygpt, Greece, 
Thailand, Alaska, Australia, Africa, and  Cambodia, etc.),

I have always wanted to go sky-diving!

So much so, that I went to get information about it last weekend!
Check back on my blog, October 10th to see if I take
the big "jump" or not!
There will be a drawing that day too.

My simple pillow project is all about sweets at the fair (and everywhere else!)
Instructions for this project are at the end of my blog.
This pillow was created using "Meadow Friends."

My daughter Katie, free-motion embroidered this appliqued center piece using
my "Coming Home" fabric available in stores this month.

Now... for the prizes!
Leave a comment by September 30, telling me if you think I will or will not
skydive and your name will be in the drawing for the following 2 prizes.
Be sure to stop back on Oct. 10th to see if I "take the jump!"
I will use Random.org to select the two winners on Oct. 1st.

Prize #1- Boy and Girl Fat Quarter
Bundles from "Meadow Friends"

Prize #2: Fat Quarter bundle of "Coming Home" fabric and
my 2012 "Coming Home" calendar

Good Luck to everyone!
Did you stop by Christina's blog, Cabbages and Roses blog yesterday?
Wow! A visit from the British Minister of State!

Be sure to visit my dear friend Jan Patek of Brannock and Patek
I have been a big fan of hers for a long time....

Continue the Country Fair Hop by visiting....
September 26th Julie from Cosmo Cricket
September 27th Kate Spain
and the fun continues into October

(This is my first attempt at writing a pattern.  Please be understanding!) 

Supply List:
11 1/4" x 6 1/2" fabric for background
Assorted scraps for applique
4- 3 3/4" x 11 1/4" strips of coordinating fabric for border
12" x 17" fabric for backing
Lightweight Wonder Under Fusible Web
Fiberfill Stuffing

Above is the pattern that I have created for the words and ice cream.
(Click picture to get larger size, then be sure to click "fit to page" option on printer.)

You can use scraps for most of the letters and ice cream.
 1/2" seam allowance on all seams.

I ironed "Wonder Under" onto my fabric backs  and then traced the letters out 
on the fabric.
**Remember to trace your letters backwords, if you lay them on the back side of the fabric.
Cut the letters and ice cream out.

Peel off the backing and iron onto background fabric.

I then used a simple blanket-stitch around everything to finish and
make sure they were well attached.

Pin right sides of background piece (with applique) and strips for border together. Do top and bottom
 first and sew. 
Then do same with sides.

Trace entire rectangle onto coordinating back piece of
fabric and trace so that it is 
the same size as image and border.

Sew right sides together, leaving a 3-4" opening to stuff with
Turn and fill with Fiberfill Stuffing.
Slip-stitch opening. 

Monday, September 5, 2011


Hello Dear Friends!

The end of every summer means one thing, here in Darke County, Ohio.......


 What a wonderful time,
 to celebrate the bounty of the summer,
  see local farm judging,
 meet up with friends,
 and see the life of a rural community.

I have such happy memories of the County Fair.
 Growing up, sewing with the Busy Bees 4-H club was a major part of my summer every year.  Now, that I am a Grandmother, it is such a blessing to share the tradition of the fair with my grandsons!

Many of my paintings are inspired by life in the country 
and The Fair is the place to see country life all in one place!

From the cows in the Cow Palace.....

to the pigs waiting to be judged.....

to the goats being shown by young 4-Hers....

to the bunnies in the Hare House,

The Fair is filled with country life!

Of course, all our grandsons wanted to see were......

Red ones and

green ones.....

Our main draw was

I think the mouth-watering smells at the fair are
almost as good as actually EATING the food.....

And what is a fair without the quilts?

All are blue ribbons winners in my eyes!

The County Fair encompasses so much of what inspires me....
The simple life, centered around what we love to do
and those we love.
Do you see why I look forward to it each year?

Moda is having a "Country Fair" blog hop during the month of September!
27 designers will each take a day and blog about a project they have created especially with
the "Country Fair" theme in mind.
That means 27 FREE, fun projects and many, many give aways!
It starts tomorrow with Sandy Gervais at Pieces From My Heart.
Following is a schedule of designers to visit each day:

September 6th    Sandy Gervais of Pieces from My Heart
September 13th Sandy Klop from American Jane (Post will be featured on Moda's blog)
September 14th Liesl from Oliver + S
September 19th Barbara Brackman from Barbara Brackman, of course.
September 20th Bonnie from Cotton Way
September 22nd Deb Strain
September 26th Julie from Cosmo Cricket
September 27th Kate Spain
and the fun continues into October

Be sure to visit us all and spend some time at Moda's Country Fair.

I'll see you on the 22nd!