Welcome to Deb Strain's studio...

Welcome to Deb Strain's studio...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Be sure to visit Barbara Brackman today!

Hello Friends,

If you are keeping up with the Moda Pillow Talk Blog Hop, I'm sure that you enjoyed Sweetwater's pillow and questions yesterday.  What a talented, kind family!  Be sure to visit Barbara Brackman today.  She has some interesting facts about pillows and a wonderful pillow herself!  We are getting ready for our big day tomorrow, Friday, Feb. 18th!  Hope to see you then!

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  1. I have just discovered your blog and see you are new to this world of blogging too! I just started mine not so long ago! I am an avid follower of Barbara Brackman and her now two blogs, love her CW BOW. I also do a lot of bed linen sewing myself and of course love pillows and pillowcases. I will follow you with interest, good luck with your blog!!!